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There are many hundreds of years of great brewing tradition in Europe.

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We brew in the historic Guilford neighborhood of Baltimore.

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At Guilford Hall, we believe that beer should be delicious, flavorful, and easy drinking.

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Beer Should Taste Good.

We brew by European tradition to create beer that is flavorful and easy to drink. Discover your new favorite craft beer, born and brewed in Baltimore.



Oktoberfest Marzen

26 IBU  5.4 ABV

The beer of Oktoberfest! This classic lager has a copper color with a toast-like aroma. Our beer has a rich, malt driven bready flavor. Made for drinking liters while socializing with friends and family, this beer is an easy drinking legend!

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18 IBUs, 4.6 ABV 

Our Kolsch-style beer is light, crisp, and refreshing with a dry finish, complemented by the Tettnang hops' slight lemony, citrus-like fruitiness. Its bright, sparkly appearance and snow-white foam enhance the drinking experience. Beer enthusiasts will appreciate its "hybrid" nature, combining ale and lager characteristics for an exceptionally easy-drinking brew.


4 IBU, 3.75 ABV

This beer is a lemony, refreshingly tart, sour wheat ale.  Our version has a very clean finish making this beer a very approachable classic.  The high carbonation makes this style known as the “Champagne of the North.”

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Bock (Seasonal)

24 IBUs, 6.3 ABV 

Our Spring lager is a traditional, strong, malty German brew with a bready, doughy flavor and a distinct floral crispness from Mt Hood hops. It has a deep golden color and pairs well with meat and bread combos like spicy sausage and burgers. Fans eagerly anticipate its release each year as it perfectly bridges the gap between winter and spring.


15 IBU, 5.1 ABV

Classic German-style wheat beer with balanced flavor notes of banana, vanilla, and clove.

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20 IBU, 4.5 ABV 

Helles, is the German word for “light” which refers to the color of the beer alone, it is not light in flavor! Our flagship lager has flavor notes of fresh baked bread, spicy noble hops, with a crisp and clean finish.


45 IBU, 5.1 ABV

This version of a German pilsner showcases German malt and yeast, with a spicy, noble hop aroma.  We use Saaz hops in the whirlpool that gives the beer a peppery, earthy finish.

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15 IBU, 4 ABV

Light beer can also be dark! Brewed in the German traditions of Franconia, our dark
lager has a lower ABV, but it is still full of flavor notes of nuts, toffee, fresh baked bread, and dark roasted coffee beans all from the malt.



Vienna Lager

 30 IBU, 4.6 ABV

Thanks to an abundance of Vienna malt, this beer has a rich caramel, toastiness. Balanced bitterness and a clean finish has made this beer a favorite for lager lovers.

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British & Irish


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45 IBU, 4.6 ABV

This is our version of the classic style, leanly malted and brewed with a classic British ale yeast. Our BPA also has a delightfully citrus & piney hop presence.

Oatmeal Stout

29 IBUs, 4.8 ABV

This beer is a classic English Style Oatmeal Stout.  The addition of oats gives the beer a rich, silky body.   The lower abv makes this stout a year round favorite!


The flavor is complex, reminiscent of a cold brew coffee with hints of dark fruit/raisins.  English malts contribute a biscuity flavor as well. 


The aroma is slightly sweet, almost like brown sugar or a mochachino


The bitterness comes from Fuggle hops that imparts a mild earthy floralness.

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35 IBU, 9 ABV

Our Golden Ale combines the flavors of European pilsner malt with the balance of
noble hops and the spiced character of a traditional Belgian yeast strain.


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